Border Crossings

Translation Studies and other disciplines

ORCID logoYves Gambier | University of Turku & University of the Free State
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For decades, Translation Studies has been perceived not merely as a discipline but rather as an interdiscipline, a trans-disciplinary field operating across a number of boundaries. This has implied and still implies a considerable amount of interaction with other disciplines. There is often much more awareness of and attention to translation and Translation Studies than many translation scholars are aware of. This volume crosses the boundaries to other disciplines and explicitly sets up dialogic formats: every chapter is co-authored both by a specialist from Translation Studies and a scholar from another discipline with a special interest in translation. Sixteen disciplinary dialogues about and around translation are the result, sometimes with expected partners, such as scholars from Computational Linguistics, History and Comparative Literature, but sometimes also with less expected interlocutors, such as scholars from Biosemiotics, Game Localization Research and Gender Studies. The volume not only challenges the boundaries of Translation Studies but also raises issues such as the institutional division of disciplines, the cross-fertilization of a given field, the trends and turns within an interdiscipline.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 126] 2016.  xvi, 380 pp.
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“‘Interdisciplinarity’ is often wheeled out as a selling point to talk up a publication or a research project, or it may be something that we simply ‘do’ without thinking much about it, but all too rarely is it subjected to real critical scrutiny as a concept and a practice. This volume addresses this gap in very welcome and stimulating ways. The book examines and promotes dialogues between Translation Studies and an original set of ‘other’ disciplines, combining historical and forward-looking perspectives, and delighting the reader by its generous offer of strong ideas, openings and challenges for cross-domain alliances and synergies.”
“Here is an innovative series of conversations in different formats between translation studies and some of its neighbouring disciplines: history, computer science, multilingualism research, comparative literature, sociology, cognitive science, semiotics, business studies, gender studies and more. How have these other fields interpreted translation, and how has translation research made use of them? Who borrows and lends what, and to what effect? Do we understand each other?... This collective exploration of interdisciplinarity is an enlightening step into relatively new territory, and I hope further steps will follow.”
“This is an enlightening, pioneering and thought-provoking collection that clarifies certain concepts in translation studies, lists areas for future interdisciplinary research and encourages reflections on the future of translation studies as an independent academic discipline. I am sure that researchers working on any of the domains discussed in this volume will find this book stimulating.”
Border Crossings: Translation Studies and other disciplines is an eloquent illustration of how TS interacts and synergizes with other disciplines and an excellent contribution to TS. It is essential reading for scholars, teachers, students, and practitioners of translation and interpreting.”
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