Agents of Translation

John Milton | University of Sao Paulo
ORCID logoPaul Bandia | Concordia University, Montréal
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Agents of Translation contains thirteen case studies by internationally recognized scholars in which translation has been used as a way of influencing the target culture and furthering literary, political and personal interests.
The articles describe Francisco Miranda, the “precursor” of Venezuelan independence, who promoted translations of works on the French Revolution and American independence; 19th century Brazilian translations of articles taken from the Révue Britannique about England; Ahmed Midhat, a late 19th century Turkish journalist who widely translated from Western languages; Henry Vizetelly , who (unsuccessfully) attempted to introduce the works of Zola to a wider public in Victorian Britain; and Henry Bohn, who, also in Victorian Britain, (successfully) published a series of works from the classics, many of which were expurgated; Yukichi Fukuzawa, whose adaptation of a North American geography textbook in the Meiji period promoted the concept of the superiority of the Japanese over their Asian neighbours; Samuli Suomalainen and Juhani Konkka, whose translations helped establish Finnish as a literary language; Hasan Alî Yücel, the Turkish Minister of Education, who set up the Turkish Translation Bureau in 1939; the Senegalese intellectual, Cheikh Anta Diop, whose work showed that the Ancient Egyptians had African rather than Indo-European roots; the Centro Cultural de Évora theatre group, which introduced Brecht and other contemporary drama into Portugal after the 1974 Carnation Revolution; 20th century Argentine translators of poetry; Haroldo and Augusto de Campos, who have brought translation to the forefront of literary activity in Brazil; and, finally, translators of Bosnian poetry, many of whom work in exile.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 81] 2009.  vi, 337 pp.
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“The new and improved edition of Daniel Gile's (1995) seminal work on training interpreters and translators through a process-oriented approach is a must-have for every interpreter trainer/educator. [...] If you are familiar with the first edition, you will instantly notice that this edition unerwent a serious rewrite for flow, readability, economy of expression, and clarity. [...] Format modifications (e.g., spacing, fonts) make the text and comfortable read. In fact, it is such a "comfortable read" that it is difficult to put down, no matter how many times you have reread the first edition. If it has been a while, you might just find yourself becoming so engrossed in Gile's discussions that the work impacts you again with all of its practical applications to your work as an interpreter trainer. [...] For its stimulating and comprehensive presentation of models and concepts that are explained so that they will make sense to students and teachers, the revised edition is a welcome addition to any interpreter trainer's (and student's) personal library.”
“This is a broad-based and thought-provoking collection of studies that reminds us that translation seldom takes place in a vacuum, and that it is motivated by an often complex set of agendas formulated by a diversity of actors.”
“This collection provides a rich and multifaceted approach to the agents of translation understood not only as individuals but also as collective entities, using translation as a means to an end, with a defined political or cultural agenda. The book also interestingly presents diverse conceptions of translation which emerge from the agents’ translation strategies, their theoretical writings, the critiques or paratexts.”
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