Construction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective

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This volume gives an easily accessible, yet comprehensive, sophisticated, and example-rich introduction to Construction Grammar as it has been developed from the early 1980’s by Charles J. Fillmore and his associates. It also provides a succinct account of the historical and intellectual background of the model and shows how Construction Grammar can easily be applied to typologically very different languages and to a variety of language-specific phenomena. All of the contributors to the volume came out of the Fillmorean school at UC-Berkeley and have worked consistently on applying and further developing the model in various domains of linguistic analysis.

The 'Thumbnail sketch' by Fried & Östman is the only extensive introduction published so far to Fillmorean Construction Grammar.

[Constructional Approaches to Language, 2] 2004.  vi, 209 pp.
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“[...] a valuable source for anyone interested in current research in Construction Grammar. The structure of the book seems unusual in combining a textbook introduction with research articles. This combination however turns out to be very useful, as it allows the reader to familiarize with the theoretical framework before seeing it applied to a number of different phenomena.”
“The book as a whole is an interesting introduction to Construction Grammar as a formal theory of language, and shows that the framework is sufficiently flexible and accurate to account for linguistic facts across languages. The volume, and in particular Chapter 2, will thus be an extremely useful reference for anyone interested in constructional approaches.”
“[...] the utility (and interest) of this book is the attempt to test, through a collection of different case studies related to different languages, the application of the constructional approach outside the model of English.”
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