Journal of Language and Politics

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

21 July 2020

Beyond the exceptional: Tracing the repercussions of a security speech act
Liisa Lähteenmäki and Anne Alvesalo

20 July 2020

Bacteria, garbage, insects and pigs: Conceptual metaphors in the Ultra-Orthodox anti-military “?ardakim” propaganda campaign
Sandra Simonsen

16 June 2020

A corpus-driven exploration of U.S. language planning and language ideology from 2013 to 2018
Brett A. Diaz and Marika K. Hall
Informing the government or fostering public debate?: How Chinese discussion forums open up spaces for deliberation
Yu Sun, Todd Graham and Marcel Broersma
Language ideological debates about linguistic landscapes: The case of Chinese signage in Richmond, Canada
Rachelle Vessey and Jaffer Sheyholislami

5 June 2020

Review of Turner (2019): Multilingualism as a Resource and a Goal: Using and Learning Languages in Mainstream Schools
Reviewed by Malik Stevenson

3 June 2020

Piotr Twardzisz. (2018). Defining ‘Eastern Europe’: A Semantic Inquiry into Political Terminology
Reviewed by Adam Glaz
Review of Kranert (2019): Discourse and Political Culture. The Language of the Third Way in Germany and the UK
Reviewed by Luis Illan
Adam Hodges (2019). When Words Trump Politics. Resisting a Hostile Regime of Language
Reviewed by David Lanius
Shi-xu, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, María Laura Pardo. (2016) Discourses of the developing world: Researching properties, problems and potentials of the developing world
Reviewed by Jessica Noske-Turner
Review of Thompson, Bowcher, Fontaine & Schönthal (2019): Cambridge Handbook of Systemic Functional Linguistics
Reviewed by Jia-Xuan Zhu and Yin-xia Wei

4 May 2020

“They are just a danger”: Chronotopic worlds in digital narratives of the far-right
Rachelle Jereza and Sabina Perrino
The ideological construction of Western ISIS-associated females
Conrad Nyamutata
I, Trump: The cult of personality, anti-intellectualism and the Post-Truth era
Antonio Reyes
Authority (de)legitimation in the border wall Twitter discourse of President Trump
Damian J. Rivers and Andrew S. Ross
Subtle discriminatory political discourse on immigration
Gema Rubio-Carbonero

3 April 2020

Review of Berrocal & Aleksandra (2019) Political Discourse in Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe
Reviewed by Višnja Čičin-Šain

26 March 2020

Review of Lukin (2019) War and its ideologies: A social-semiotic theory and description
Reviewed by Roswitha Kersten-Pejanic
Review of Amossy (2018) Une formule dans la guerre des mots : « La délégitimation d’ Israël »
Reviewed by Maria Stopfner

16 July 2019

Review of Hart & Kelsey (2019) Discourses of Disorder: Riots, Strikes and Protests in the Media
Reviewed by Chris Featherman