Journal of Language and Politics

Online-First Articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet published in an issue.

5 January 2021

Discursive (re)construction of populist sovereignism by right-wing hard Eurosceptic parties in the 2019 European parliament elections: Insights from the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Monika Brusenbauch Meislova and Stephen Buckledee | 27 pp.

21 December 2020

Protest graffiti, social movements and changing participation frameworks: The case of Macao
Hong Zhang and Brian Hok-Shing Chan | 24 pp.

14 December 2020

Review of (2019):
Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska | 3 pp.

4 December 2020

Review of Fuchs (2020): Communication and Capitalism: A Critical Theory
Reviewed by Marcos Engelken-Jorge | 4 pp.
Review of Pennycook & Makoni (2020): Innovations and challenges in applied linguistics from the Global South
Reviewed by Huan Yik Lee | 4 pp.
How is structural inequality made fair in a meritocratic education system?: Equalising opportunities through metaphorical transfers within and across sub micro-meso-macro movements in policy discourse
Nadira Talib | 24 pp.

1 December 2020

Narratives of dialogue in parliamentary discourse: Constructing the ethos of the receptive politician
Naomi Truan | 22 pp.

18 November 2020

The Twittering Presidents: An analysis of tweets from @BarackObama and @realDonaldTrump
Peter Wignell, Sabine Tan, Kay L. O’Halloran and Kevin Chai | 30 pp.

13 November 2020

The Bangkok Blast as a finger-pointing blame game: How attitudinal positioning construes a divided polity
Changpeng Huan, Menghan Deng and Napak-on Sritrakarn | 22 pp.
Balancing the ideals of public participation: Discursive legitimation strategies of a disputed practice
Maria Sjögren | 21 pp.

10 November 2020

Working Royals, Megxit and Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview: The online media’s representation of the British Monarchy between 2010 and 2020
Jagon P. Chichon | 22 pp.
The legitimization of the use of sweat shops by H&M in the Swedish press
Vladimir Cotal San Martin and David Machin | 23 pp.
Animals vs. armies: Resistance to extreme metaphors in anti-immigration discourse
Christopher Hart | 28 pp.
The Far Right and the Environment: Politics, Discourse and Communication. Edited by Bernhard Forchtner
Reviewed by Daniel Jones | 4 pp.
The language of exclusion: A critical comparison of new-right arguments against Islam
Louis Talay | 21 pp.
The tabloidization of the Brexit campaign: Power to the (British) people?
Franco Zappettini | 27 pp.

2 November 2020

National construction and popular erasure in Colombia: A concept analysis of the legitimation and delegitimation of social relations in Colombia through the language of its foundational documents: 1810–1991
Gregory Joseph Lobo | 19 pp.
Strongman, patronage and fake news: Anti-human rights discourses and populism in the Philippines
Jefferson Lyndon D. Ragragio | 21 pp.

23 October 2020

Šarić Ljiljana, and Mateusz-Milan Stanojević (eds). 2019. Metaphor, Nation and Discourse
Aleksandra Salamurović | 5 pp.

5 October 2020

Review of Cillia, Wodak, Rheindorf & Lehner (2020): Österreichische Identitäten im Wandel: Empirische Untersuchungen zu ihrer diskursiven Konstruktion 1995–2015
Reviewed by Christian Karner | 5 pp.
Review of Perrez, Reuchamps & Thibodeau (2019): Variation in political metaphor
Michael Kranert | 5 pp.

24 September 2020

Review of Laugesen & Gehrmann (2020): Communication, Interpreting and Language in Wartime: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Yanmeng Wang and Linxin Liang | 4 pp.
Review of Seargeant (2020): The Art of Political Storytelling: Why Stories Win Votes in Post-truth Politics
Reviewed by Xiaoyi Yang and Yuan Ping | 4 pp.

21 July 2020

Beyond the exceptional: Tracing the repercussions of a security speech act
Liisa Lähteenmäki and Anne Alvesalo | 23 pp.

16 June 2020

Informing the government or fostering public debate?: How Chinese discussion forums open up spaces for deliberation
Yu Sun, Todd Graham and Marcel Broersma | 24 pp.

5 June 2020

Review of Turner (2019): Multilingualism as a Resource and a Goal: Using and Learning Languages in Mainstream Schools
Reviewed by Malik Stevenson | 4 pp.

3 June 2020

Shi-xu, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, María Laura Pardo. (2016) Discourses of the developing world: Researching properties, problems and potentials of the developing world
Reviewed by Jessica Noske-Turner | 3 pp.