Leticia Tian Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Leticia Tian Zhang plays a role.


Fandubbing, or dubbing made by fans of any audiovisual product, is a linguistically and technologically sophisticated enterprise enacted by many devoted fans. This study presents the case of Miree, a 24-year-old fandubber with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 300… read more
Zhang, Leticia Tian and Daniel Cassany 2021 “The murderer is him ✓”: Multimodal humor in danmu video commentsUnderstanding Chinese Social Media, Zhao, Sumin and Chaoqun Xie (eds.), pp. 272–294 | Article
This paper analyzes humorous comments created through a popular viewing-and-commenting system used in China and Japan, known as danmu (or danmaku). This system enables its users to superimpose anonymous comments on the video frame, which are displayed in subsequent viewing. We collected 327… read more
Zhang, Leticia Tian and Daniel Cassany 2019 ‘Is it always so fast?’: Chinese perceptions of Spanish through danmu video commentsSpanish in Context 16:2, pp. 217–242 | Article
While much research has proved the benefits of subtitled audiovisuals for foreign language learning, few studies address such practices in out-of-classroom settings or focus on Asia-based video-sharing platforms. This study bridges this gap by introducing an increasingly popular… read more
Documentamos y analizamos una comunidad china de fansub, que traduce y subtitula series y películas hispanas, explorando los recursos y estrategias que se utilizan para comprender y transcribir del español y traducir al chino. Con etnografía virtual (Hine, 2000), combinando observación… read more