Juan C. Sager

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Subjects Lexicography | Philosophy | Semantics | Terminology

The Translator's Dialogue: Giovanni Pontiero

Edited by Pilar Orero and Juan C. Sager

[Benjamins Translation Library, 24] 1997. xiv, 252 pp.
Subjects Romance linguistics | Translation Studies

Essays on Terminology

Alain Rey

[Benjamins Translation Library, 9] 1995. xiv, 223 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology
Subjects Translation Studies
Subjects Natural language processing | Translation Studies

A Practical Course in Terminology Processing

Juan C. Sager

[Not in series, 44] 1990. xi, 258 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology


An essential feature of all languages is that, through their agency, the universe of human experience is being disintegrated (= resolved into elements) and transformed into concepts. There are, consequently, as many universal systems as languages exist. The logical and ontological relations… read more
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The major objection to a purely linguistic theory of terms stems from the fact that formally terms are indistinguishable from words. For a justification of terms as a distinct category of lexical items we have to look in two areas: (1) the things terms refer to and (2) the nature of this reference.… read more
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The article explores the basic conceptual structure patterns of definitions and contrasts them with their linguistic realisation. A better understanding of the linguistic possibilities of expression can lead to more sensible rules and proper patterns for definitions that can be used in authoring… read more
This article places terminology in relation to linguistics and cognitive science and traces its historic evolution and perception in order to assess its current instrumental role in knowledge acquisition, representation and transfer via language. The environment of information technology permits… read more
Sager, Juan C. 1994 What's wrong with "terminology work" and "terminology science"?Terminology 1:2, pp. 375–381 | Article
The polysemy of "terminology " is a well-established fact which has obsessed many writers on the subject and confused many interpretations of otherwise clearly argued texts. But desperate situations should not lead to desperate measures, such as importing unsuitable designations into English when… read more
Sager, Juan C. and Marie-Claude L'Homme 1994 A model for the definition of concepts: Rules for analytical definitions in terminological databasesTerminology 1:2, pp. 351–373 | Article
The pattern of existing terminological definitions is analysed, and a model for the terminological definition of concepts is proposed that is considered more appropriate to data-processing applications than present patterns of definition. The model consists of a regularised form of the traditional… read more
Sager, Juan C. 1990 Professional examinations for professional translatorsBabel 36:1, pp. 58–61 | Miscellaneous
Sager, Juan C. 1966 A Brazilian Poet's Approach to the Translation of German PoetryBabel 12:4, pp. 198–204 | Article
Sager, Juan C. 1965 Professional Linguists in BritainBabel 11:1, pp. 28–31 | Article