Becky Halloran

List of John Benjamins publications for which Becky Halloran plays a role.


This study examines the mental representation of clitic object pronouns in English L2 Spanish speakers of beginning, intermediate and advanced proficiencies. We present the results of a scalar grammaticality judgment task, which examines knowledge of clitic placement in both Exceptional Case… read more
Rothman, Jason, David Giancaspro and Becky Halloran 2014 On the structural basis of non-redundant acquisition: Evidence from Spanish bilingual L3 PortuguesePortuguese-Spanish Interfaces: Diachrony, synchrony, and contact, Amaral, Patrícia and Ana Maria Carvalho (eds.), pp. 317–334 | Article
This chapter has two goals: (a) to discuss the Spanish-Portuguese interface in current formal language acquisition research and (b) to highlight the contributions of this language pairing in the emerging field of formal third language (L3) acquisition. The authors discuss two L3 acquisition studies… read more