Wang Kefei

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wang Kefei plays a role.


This article expands on previous research on news trans-editing by examining the relationship between ideology and language. Using a conceptual framework that combines critical discourse analysis with narrative analysis, the study analyses a corpus of trans-edited news articles on the 2014… read more
Dialect, when viewed in contrast with standard language, creates a variety of geographical or social implications. This variety may be hybridized with other social voices to convey the theme of the text. Previous studies have elaborated much on the representation of the socio-cultural… read more
This article investigates the role of translations from English in language change in Chinese. It employs a new corpus, the Chinese Diachronic Composite Corpus (CDCC), which incorporates a parallel corpus and comparable corpus in three sampling periods in the twentieth century, and a refe­rence… read more