Leanne Bartley

List of John Benjamins publications for which Leanne Bartley plays a role.


Well-known cases of wrongful convictions (e.g. Central Park Five, Steven Avery, Amanda Knox), although merely the tip of the iceberg, serve to highlight flaws inherent in justice systems worldwide (cf. Garrett 2011). Many innocent people are having their freedom taken away without reason. One… read more
Over the past decade, Islamic State (ISIS) has made numerous attempts to propagate their beliefs on a global scale via a range of social media platforms (e.g. Twitter), enabling them to reach an extensive audience within a very short time span; when successful, people enlist as supporters of… read more
The last two decades have witnessed very important economic and legislative changes in the Republic of Ireland, which have contributed to both the reinforcement of national beliefs, and the restructuring of traditional values as well as social practices. In this context, the tendency for some… read more
Linguistic modality is the expression of the speaker’s subjectivity including possibility, probability, necessity, obligation, permission, prohibition, and desire. This paper analyses a learner English corpus collected at two Spanish universities, paying special attention to which linguistic… read more