Maria Usacheva

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maria Usacheva plays a role.


Usacheva, Maria and Natalia Serdobolskaya 2024 A new converb originating from the locative noun in BesermanStudies in Language 48:2, pp. 472–512 | Article
In Beserman, a new converb grammaticalizes from the possessive locative form of the locative noun in (o)ń-ńig. We show that the constructions with the converb have a clausal structure, while the constructions with the locative noun are mostly noun phrases, even if they include an indication of… read more
Serdobolskaya, Natalia and Maria Usacheva 2023 Pseudopartitive constructions are not a subtype of nominal juxtaposition in Beserman, pp. 242–283 | Article
Juxtaposition as a machinery of building noun phrases is well-known to be widespread in Uralic languages: the modifier is left-adjoined to the head and does not bear any morphological marker of syntactic dependency. This strategy is used to attach adjectives, cardinals and modifying nominals to… read more
Serdobolskaya, Natalia, Maria Usacheva and Timofey Arkhangelskiy 2019 Grammaticalization of possessive markers in the Beserman dialect of UdmurtPossession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia, Johanson, Lars, Lidia Federica Mazzitelli and Irina Nevskaya (eds.), pp. 291–312 | Chapter
The paper is focused on the functions of possessive suffixes in the Beserman dialect of Udmurt. Considering the data from the Beserman corpus of oral texts we find the parameters influencing the presence/omission of the possessive suffixes in the contexts of possessive (alienable and inalienable)… read more