Ferran Gesa

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ferran Gesa plays a role.


Miralpeix, Imma, Ferran Gesa and Maria del Mar Suárez 2024 Vocabulary learning from audiovisual input at first exposure in young adult novice learnersAudiovisual Input and Second Language Learning, Muñoz, Carmen and Imma Miralpeix (eds.), pp. 204–226 | Chapter
In this ‘First Exposure’ (FE) study, 106 Catalan/Spanish young adults proficient in English watched a short advert with the audio in English and subtitles in Polish, a language they were not familiar with. Results indicated that vocabulary learning took place, as their meaning recognition scores… read more
This article presents two classroom-based studies lasting one academic year: Study 1 with beginner learners of English as a foreign language and Study 2 with intermediate learners. In each study, learners in the comparison and experimental groups were introduced to new vocabulary through regular… read more