Jeremy Perkins

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jeremy Perkins plays a role.


Nicholas, Allan and Jeremy Perkins 2023 Chapter 12. A concept-based approach to teaching L2 pragmaticsL2 Pragmatics in Action: Teachers, learners and the teaching-learning interaction process, Martínez-Flor, Alicia, Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández and Júlia Barón (eds.), pp. 293–318 | Chapter
We use a concept-based instruction (CBI) approach to teach L2 English oral requests among Japanese EFL learners. Control (n = 30) and enrichment groups (n = 26) participated in a classroom-based investigation of CBI and requests. The enrichment group engaged in a short CBI programme, while the… read more
Nicholas, Allan, John Blake, Maxim Mozgovoy and Jeremy Perkins 2023 Investigating pragmatic failure in L2 English email writing among Japanese university EFL learners: A learner corpus approachRegister Studies 5:1, pp. 23–51 | Article
English L2 email is an important mode of communication for Japanese university learners. However, learners often find it challenging to vary register in a pragmatically-appropriate manner when emailing. Identifying specific aspects of English email writing that learners find challenging can… read more