Somayeh Rahmati

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Vinel, Elise, Anne Salazar-Orvig, Geneviève de Weck, Salma Nashawati and Somayeh Rahmati 2021 Chapter 10. The impact of speech genres on the use of referring expressionsThe Acquisition of Referring Expressions: A dialogical approach, Salazar-Orvig, Anne, Geneviève de Weck, Rouba Hassan and Annie Rialland (eds.), pp. 288–316 | Chapter
This chapter is aimed to assess the impact of speech genre on the use of referring expressions. We examined this impact in two corpora of mother-child dialogues (toddlers, ages 1;10–2;6 years and older children ages 4–7 years) via two separate studies. The first study showed that among the… read more