David Rose

List of John Benjamins publications for which David Rose plays a role.


This paper analyses a set of exchanges between members of Australia’s Indigenous Western Desert culture, in the Pitjantjatjara dialect of the Western Desert language. The analyses are designed to illustrate how social relations in the culture are enacted with resources for interpersonal meaning… read more
This paper summarises findings of discourse analyses of traditional stories from eleven language phyla around the world. The aim is a preliminary exploration of relationships amongst diverse languages in patterns of discourse, using a systemic functional language model. Several techniques were… read more
Rose, David 2004 The structuring of experience in the grammars of Pitjantjatjara and EnglishFunctional Linguistics and Contrastive Description, Davidse, Kristin and Liesbet Heyvaert (eds.), pp. 45–74 | Article
This paper briefly surveys grammatical resources in the Australian language Pitjantjatjara, for representing the experience of its speakers, and contrasts these with corresponding resources in English. The focus is on types of grammatical structure, interpreted from the perspective of discourse… read more
Rose, David 2004 9. Metafunctional profile of the grammar of PitjantjatjaraLanguage Typology: A functional perspective, Caffarel-Cayron, Alice, J.R. Martin and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen (eds.), pp. 479–536 | Article
Rose, David 2001 Review article:Some variations in Theme across languagesFunctions of Language 8:1, pp. 109–145 | Review article
Rose, David 1996 Pitjantjatjara Processes: An Australian experiential grammarFunctional Descriptions: Theory in practice, Hasan, Ruqaiya †, Carmel Cloran and David Butt (eds.), pp. 287 ff. | Article