Ilze Lokmane

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ilze Lokmane plays a role.


Kalnača, Andra and Ilze Lokmane 2023 Partitive genitive constructions and agreement variations in LatvianPartitives cross-linguistically: Dimensions of variation, Luraghi, Silvia and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 75–94 | Article
The article takes a closer look at the partitive genitive constructions in Latvian, their structure, semantics, and syntactic functions. With the help of a corpus analysis, an attempt has been made to find out what determines gender and number agreement variations between the partitive genitive… read more
Lokmane, Ilze and Andra Kalnača 2014 Modal semantics and morphosyntax of the Latvian DEBITIVEModes of Modality: Modality, typology, and universal grammar, Leiss, Elisabeth and Werner Abraham (eds.), pp. 167–192 | Article
The paper discusses the Latvian debitive from the viewpoint of modality and syntactic structure. In typological linguistics the system of moods in Latvian and in particular the Latvian debitive as a unique linguistic form has been rarely described. The debitive is a mood expressing meaning of… read more