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Special Issue in Memory of Irit Meir

Edited by Diane Lillo-Martin, Wendy Sandler, Marie Coppola and Rose Stamp

Special issue of Sign Language & Linguistics 23:1/2 (2020) vi, 285 pp.
Subjects Electronic/Multimedia Products | Signed languages | Theoretical linguistics


Kimchi, Inbal, Lucie Wolters, Rose Stamp and Inbal Arnon 2023 Evidence of Zipfian distributions in three sign languagesGesture 22:2, pp. 154–188 | Article
One striking commonality between languages is their Zipfian distributions: A power-law distribution of word frequency. This distribution is found across languages, speech genres, and within different parts of speech. The recurrence of such distributions is thought to reflect cognitive and/or… read more
Novogrodsky, Rama, Rose Stamp and Sabrin Shaban-Rabah 2023 Word order in simple sentences of tri-lingual tri-modal deaf studentsSign Language & Linguistics 26:1, pp. 37–63 | Article
This study explores word order patterns produced by deaf students who use Israeli Sign Language (ISL) and Arabic. Nineteen students participated in a sentence elicitation task in which they retold events portrayed in 24 short videos in three language conditions: signed ISL, spoken Palestinian… read more
Sandler, Wendy, Rose Stamp, Marie Coppola and Diane Lillo-Martin 2020 Irit Meir: Introduction to the special issueSpecial Issue in Memory of Irit Meir, Lillo-Martin, Diane, Wendy Sandler, Marie Coppola and Rose Stamp (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Introduction