Ming Chew Teo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ming Chew Teo plays a role.


As a result of contact between mutually unintelligible Southern Chinese varieties like Hokkien and Cantonese, Colloquial Singapore Mandarin (csm) 有 yǒu ‘have’ has extended its semantic functions to include that of realis modality marker. This paper will demonstrate how a framework of ambiguity… read more
Imposition, a general mechanism of contact-induced change that manifests itself in creole formation, second language acquisition, and even language attrition (Winford 2013), is a result of unequal dominance in a multilingual’s languages, whereby linguistic features from an individual’s more… read more
Unlike Standard English, one in Singapore Colloquial English (SCE) not only functions as a numeral and a pronoun, it also functions as a nominalizer and a contrastive focus marker. Even though previous studies on SCE one have unequivocally proven that the expanded functions of one were a result of… read more