Verónica Böhm

List of John Benjamins publications for which Verónica Böhm plays a role.


This study contributes to the analysis of the epistemic modal and evidential use of the Spanish imperfecto with regard to the speaker’s stance and subjectively (rather than grammatically) motivated decision to use the Spanish imperfecto as an evidential strategy in journalistic texts: The speaker… read more
Böhm, Verónica, Gerda Haßler and Anja Hennemann 2017 On the evidential use of English adverbials and their equivalents in Romance languages and Russian: A morpho-syntactic analysisEvidentiality Revisited: Cognitive grammar, functional and discourse-pragmatic perspectives, Marín-Arrese, Juana I., Gerda Haßler and Marta Carretero (eds.), pp. 87–104 | Article
The present study investigates the use of equivalents of the English adverbials seemingly and apparently with a specific morphological structure in Romance languages and Russian, i.e. Spanish al parecer, Portuguese ao parecer and ao que parece, French avoir l’air de, Italian all’apparenza and in… read more