Belén López Arroyo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Belén López Arroyo plays a role.


López Arroyo, Belén and Lucia Sanz Valdivieso 2022 The phraseology of wine and olive oil tasting notes: A corpus based semantic analysisTerminology 28:1, pp. 37–64 | Article
Specialized genres are bound to the communicative context of their discourse community. However, certain genres extend beyond one specific domain, remaining unchanged at different linguistic levels across domains. That seems to be the case of wine and olive oil tasting notes since both analyze… read more
López Arroyo, Belén and Leticia Moreno Pérez 2019 Lexical chunks in English and Spanish sales contracts: A corpus-based studyTerminology 25:1, pp. 32–59 | Article
This paper focuses on the study of word combinations “of common usage” which are “lexicalized”, have “syntactic and semantic stability, may be idiomatized and carry connotations, and have an emphatic or intensifying function.” (Gläser 1994/1995, 45). Following previous research on Languages for… read more
López Arroyo, Belén, Roda P. Roberts and Leticia Moreno Pérez 2019 The use of - ing and - ndo forms in sales contracts: An English-Spanish contrastive analysisLanguages in Contrast 19:2, pp. 256–279 | Article
This paper analyzes the use of the -ing and -ndo forms in English and Spanish in sales contracts. More specifically, it aims to answer three questions: 1. Do the -ing and the -ndo forms occur more frequently in sales contracts than in general language? 2. Do English sales contracts contain more… read more
López Arroyo, Belén and Roda P. Roberts 2016 Differences in wine tasting notes in English and SpanishBabel 62:3, pp. 370–401 | Article
Since the early 2000s, a number of researchers have devoted themselves to the study of wine language and discourse, and especially the genre of wine tasting notes. They have analyzed various aspects of tasting notes: their rhetorical structure, their terminology, their use of metaphors, among… read more
López Arroyo, Belén and Roda P. Roberts 2015 Unusual sentence structure in wine tasting notes: A contrastive corpus-based studyLanguages in Contrast 15:2, pp. 162–180 | Article
Certain sentence structures occur more frequently than others in specialized texts. The vast majority of sentences in the English of both science and technology seem to be declarative in nature, while imperative sentences, which are the normal method of expressing instructions, occur far more… read more
López Arroyo, Belén and Roda P. Roberts 2014 English and Spanish descriptors in wine tasting terminologyTerminology 20:1, pp. 25–49 | Article
Wine tasting notes constitute a specialized genre in the field of Oenology, with their own rhetoric and language. However, the language of wine tasting notes is by no means as specialized as that of most other specialized genres. Indeed, while there are dozens of terms used to describe and evaluate… read more
López Arroyo, Belén, Martín J. Fernández Antolín and Rosario de Felipe Boto 2007 Contrasting the rhetoric of abstracts in medical discourse: Implications and applications for English/Spanish translationLanguages in Contrast 7:1, pp. 1–28 | Article
The present study aims at offering a contrastive analysis framework for the specific textual patterns of the expert-to-expert communicative setting from a semantic and a functional approach. Our methodology tries to identify patterns of behaviour in one of the genres that might be said to be… read more
Studies related to ESP genres have been carried out lately focusing on different levels of analysis, such as internal ordering, lexico-grammatical patterns or terminology. However, there are not many studies combining different levels of analysis so as to observe how information is rendered in… read more