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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy

Corpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics: Studies in Honor of Doug Biber

Edited by Viviana Cortes and Eniko Csomay

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 66] 2015. xix, 219 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics


Overlapping bundles, that is, shorter lexical bundles that are totally or partially embedded in longer expressions, may prove problematic in the structural and functional classification of bundles. For example, many studies in the literature focus only on four-word lexical bundles and conduct… read more
While corpus studies on academic writing have improved instructional materials for writing in the hard sciences, humanities and social sciences world language writing pedagogy remains open to development. In the interest of data-driven Spanish for academic purposes curricula, using English and… read more
Römer-Barron, Ute, Viviana Cortes and Eric Friginal 2020 Introduction: Advances in corpus-based research on academic writingAdvances in Corpus-based Research on Academic Writing: Effects of discipline, register, and writer expertise, Römer-Barron, Ute, Viviana Cortes and Eric Friginal (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Chapter
Cortes, Viviana 2015 Using corpus-based analytical methods to study patient talkUnderstanding Patients' Voices: A multi-method approach to health discourse, Antón, Marta and Elizabeth M. Goering, pp. 51–69 | Article
If Douglas Biber and his collaborators in the Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English (Biber et al. 1999) had not devoted a great deal of work to replicate the corpus-driven methodology used by Bent Altenberg (1993) in the identification and analysis of recurrent word combinations, chances… read more
Cortes, Viviana and Eniko Csomay 2015 Douglas Biber and the Flagstaff School of corpus-based research: An introductionCorpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics: Studies in Honor of Doug Biber, Cortes, Viviana and Eniko Csomay (eds.), pp. xv–xx | Article
Cortes, Viviana 2002 7. Lexical bundles in Freshman compositionUsing Corpora to Explore Linguistic Variation, Reppen, Randi, Susan Fitzmaurice and Douglas Biber (eds.), pp. 131–145 | Chapter