Lizzie Stewart-Shaw

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Experiencing Fictional Worlds

Edited by Benedict Neurohr and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw

[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 32] 2019. xiii, 228 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Writing and literacy


Neurohr, Benedict and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw 2019 Chapter 1. IntroductionExperiencing Fictional Worlds, Neurohr, Benedict and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Chapter
Stewart-Shaw, Lizzie 2019 Chapter 5. Experiencing horrible worldsExperiencing Fictional Worlds, Neurohr, Benedict and Lizzie Stewart-Shaw (eds.), pp. 75–95 | Chapter
In this chapter, I explore how conceptual movement within the fictional worlds of horror can affect the reader’s emotional experience of the text. I argue that horror fiction necessarily requires “horrible” world-building elements and function-advancing propositions to establish the macabre… read more