Patterns and Meanings in Discourse

Theory and practice in corpus-assisted discourse studies (CADS)

| University of Bologna
| University of Siena
| University of Portsmouth
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This work is designed, firstly, to both provoke theoretical discussion and serve as a practical guide for researchers and students in the field of corpus linguistics and, secondly, to offer a wide-ranging introduction to corpus techniques for practitioners of discourse studies. It delves into a wide variety of language topics and areas including metaphor, irony, evaluation, (im)politeness, stylistics, language change and sociopolitical issues. Each chapter begins with an outline of an area, followed by case studies which attempt both to shed light on particular themes in this area and to demonstrate the methodologies which might be fruitfully employed to investigate them. The chapters conclude with suggestions on activities which the readers may wish to undertake themselves. An Appendix contains a list of currently available resources for corpus research which were used or mentioned in the book.
[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 55]  2013.  xiii, 371 pp.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. The two principles of discourse organisation: Chunk recall and inductive reasoning
Chapter 2. Evaluation in discourse communication
Chapter 3. Evaluation and control
Chapter 4. Investigating rhetoric in discourse 1: Irony
Chapter 5. Investigating rhetoric in discourse 2: Metaphor
Chapter 6. Corpus-assisted stylistics: Investigating author style
Chapter 7. Cross-linguistic discourse analysis: Investigating the representation of migrants in the UK and Italian press
Chapter 8. Interactive spoken discourse 1: Managing the message
Chapter 9. Interactive spoken discourse 2: CADS & (im)politeness
Chapter 10. Modern diachronic corpus-assisted discourse studies (MD-CADS) 1: Comparisons over time in lexical grammar and discourse practices
Chapter 11. Modern diachronic corpus-assisted discourse studies (MD-CADS) 2: Comparisons over time of social, political and cultural issues
Chapter 12. Conclusion
Appendix: Resources
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