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Wakabayashi, Judy and Rita Kothari, eds. 2009. Decentering Translation Studies. India and beyond. (Benjamins Translation Library 86). John Benjamins. xi+219 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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This book foregrounds practices and discourses of ‘translation’ in several non-Western traditions. Translation Studies currently reflects the historiography and concerns of Anglo-American and European scholars, overlooking the full richness of translational activities and diverse discourses. The essays in this book, which generally have a historical slant, help push back the geographical and conceptual boundaries of the discipline. They illustrate how distinctive historical, social and philosophical contexts have shaped the ways in which translational acts are defined, performed, viewed, encouraged or suppressed in different linguistic communities. The volume has a particular focus on the multiple contexts of translation in India, but also encompasses translation in Korea, Japan and South Africa, as well as representations of Sufism in different contexts.

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