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Babai Shishavan, Homa. 2016. Refusals of invitations and offers in Persian: Genuine or ostensible? Journal of Politeness Research 12 (1) : 55–94.
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Though ostensible speech act marks presented by Isaacs and Clark (1990) figure in ritual Persian refusals, they may not always enable the distinction between ritual and genuine refusals. The intricate speech acts of ritual Persian refusals (rPr) are tightly related to Persian cultural tǎ’ǎrof (ritual politeness) schemas and ru-dar-bǎyesti (feeling of distance out of respect). It is shown that the chief factors inspiring rPr creation are honoring politeness rules and speaker and interlocutor face enhancing. The claim in integrity of the rPr results from the speakers’ care for preserving rapport.