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Charteris, Jennifer. 2016. Envisaging agency as discourse hybridity: a Butlerian analysis of secondary classroom discourses. Discourse 37 (2) : 189–203.
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Poststructural theory with its defocused discursive learner construction provides a lively idea of classroom dynamics. This article imagines how learner agency can be performative in a secondary classroom discursive space. The inquiry disjoints the concept of a harmonious subject, a central dogma of sovereign theory that is clear in ideas of the ‘self-regulated’, ‘self-motivated’, ‘self-efficacious’ student. Using Judith Butler and Bronwyn Davies' work, the classroom relations in this article are interpreted as both dynamic and interdiscursive. Agency plays up via learners' discourse moves as they influence and mix discourses to learn in a New Zealand Year 9 science classroom.