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Ahangar, Abbas Ali and Seddigheh Zeynali Dastuyi. 2017. Persuasive language in the subgenre of Persian sales e-mails. Language & Communication 53 : 69–86.
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This article sets out to classify and debate persuasive messages in Persian sales e-mails, based on a move scheme presented by Cheung covering 10 major moves and 36 steps. Results of the inquiry displayed “introducing the offer” is the most frequent move used in Persian sales e-mails under study. Besides, new steps “presenting frequently asked questions” and “motto” were found in the data which may be added in the move scheme offered by Cheung, if it is going to be considered cross-linguistically and cross-culturally. In addition, some moves or steps were applied in a twofold manner. Furthermore, the results pointed out that culture can be considered as a factor in choosing the strategies employed by the Iranian makers' advertisements.