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Winslow, Luke. 2017. Pastors of profit: Marketplace Ministries and the rhetorical acquisition of affective allegiance. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 14 (3) : 203–220.
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This paper examines neoliberal capital accumulation by analyzing the workplace chaplaincy service Marketplace Ministries. By expanding the value of traditional chaplains to the modern workplace, Marketplace Ministries discourse elucidates a discursive pattern that secular client-companies can use to acquire the affective allegiance of their front-line employees. For these client-companies, affective allegiance activates a set of internal motivational strategies organized around the secularization of Michel Foucault’s pastoral power by penetrating the intimate domestic spheres of the workforce to shape subjectivity and foster new forms of obedience. Implications for the present milieu are considered covering possible sites of contestation and resistance.