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Nairn, Karen, Vivienne Anderson and Keely Blanch. 2018. Future teachers debate charter schools on Facebook: analysing their political subjectivities. Discourse 39 (1) : 41–52.
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This study asserts that Garrett and Segall’s notions of ‘doing school’ and ‘pushing back’ are valued devices for assaying pre-service teachers’ political perspectives of neoliberal education reforms like charter school introduction (here: in New Zealand). We extend Garrett and Segall’s conceptualization by hybridizing ‘doing school’ and ‘pushing back’ in order to move beyond a simplistic celebration of student resistance, which often overlooks forms of resistance that are compliant with the status quo, in this case the neoliberal status quo. We analyse participants’ political views as they emerged in a debate about charter schools in New Zealand. Garrett and Segall’s concepts, in conjunction with poststructuralist theories of subjectivity, are deployed as analytical tools for understanding the complexity of students’ political subjectivities in a debate conducted on a Facebook page set up for that purpose.