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Peña-Cortés, Fernando, Viviana Huiliñir-Curío, Jimmy Pincheira-Ulbrich, Segundo Quintriqueo, Daniel Quilaqueo, Maritza Gutiérrez and Soledad Morales. 2019. Mapuche-Pewenche knowledge transmitted by teachers and parents: perception of schoolchildren in rural schools of the Araucanía region (Chile). Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 40 (3) : 244–256.
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In Chile, two public policies centering on teaching-learning amid primary school children have been effected to add to the growth of indigenous peoples' language and culture and to intercultural citizen formation: 1) the Bilingual Intercultural Education Programme (PEIB); and 2) the Indigenous Language Sector (SLI). This paper valued Mapuche knowledge perception amid schoolchildren in schools in the Mapuche-Pewenche territory of the Araucanía Region. In both cases (schools registered/non registered for these policies), the children admitted that knowledge is in essence conveyed within the family. KEYWORDS: Mapuche-pewenche, knowledge, rural schools, indigenous language, intercultural education