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Davier, Lucile and Kyle Conway, eds. 2019. Journalism and Translation in the Era of Convergence. (Benjamins Translation Library 146). John Benjamins. vi, 211 pp.
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Book – edited volume
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How has convergence affected news and translation? Convergence is a chameleon, taking a new colour in each new context, from the integrated, bilingual newsroom of a legacy broadcaster to a newsroom in an outlet that has embraced multimodality from the very start. And yet, translation scholars studying the news have ignored convergence, while media scholars studying convergence have ignored translation. They have missed the fact that convergence is intrinsically linked to language and culture. This volume brings together translation and media scholars to investigate different modes of convergence across platforms as they shape how journalists frame stories and understand their role in a multilingual, convergent world. It opens a dialogue with scholars and students in applied linguistics, communication, journalism, languages, and translation, as well as translators, interpreters, and, ultimately, journalists.