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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Muysken, Pieter
Title: Bilingual Speech: A Typology of Code-Mixing.
Year: 2000
Publisher: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Pages: xvi + 306
ISBN: 0-521-77168-4
Publication type: Book — monograph
Language: English
Keyword(s): bilingualism ; code-switching ; discourse strategy
Subject — language(s): Arabic, Moroccan; Dutch; English; French; Greek, Modern; Sarnami; Spanish; Sranan; Swahili; Turkish
Annotation: An analysis of intra-sentential code-switching (or 'code-mixing' to use the author's terms) reveals three distinct patterns, the choice of which depends on a variety of grammatical and social factors.


  1. Stakhnevich, Julia (2002) “<Review of P. Muysken (2000: ´Bilingual speech: A typology of code-mixing.´).>” Discourse Studies 4:1. pp. 130-131.