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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Labov, William
Title: Principles of linguistic change. Volume 1: Internal factors.
Year: 1994
Publisher: Oxford: Blackwell
Series: Language in Society 20
Pages: xix + 641
ISBN: 0-631-17914-3
Publication type: Book — monograph
Language: English
Keyword(s): language change
Subject — language(s): English, American
Subject — person(s): Labov, W.
Annotation: This first volume of a major investigation into the principles of language change, covers the following areas of inquiry: the study of apparent and real time; principles governing chain shifts; mergers, splits and near-mergers; the regularity of sound changes; functional effects on linguistic change.


  1. Romaine, Suzanne (1996) “<Review of W. Labov (1994: ´Principles of linguistic change, vol.1: Internal factors.´).>” Linguistics 34:4. pp. 870-873.