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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Hanks, William F.
Title: Language and communicative practices.
Year: 1996
Publisher: Oxford (UK) & Boulder (CO): Westview
Series: Critical Essays in Anthropology
Pages: xv + 335
ISBN: 0-8133-1217-5
Publication type: Book — monograph
Language: English
Keyword(s): anthropological linguistics ; context ; human communication ; language
Subject — language(s): Maya; Spanish
Subject — person(s): Bakhtin, M.; Boas, F.; Chomsky, N.; Saussure, F. De; Volosinov, V.N.
Annotation: Addressing the issues of language as system and nexus of context and communicative practices, this book contributes to linguistic anthropology in his reading of the systematicity of language in disciplinary practice, the places of context and practice and their interrelations.


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