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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Billig, Michael
Title: Freudian Repression. Conversation Creating the Unconscious.
Year: 1999
Publisher: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Pages: vii + 290
Publication type: Book — monograph
Language: English
Keyword(s): language ; memory ; philosophy of language ; psychoanalysis ; thought
Annotation: This reformulation of Freud's repression concept, demonstrates that Freud fails to explore in his theory of the unconscious, how people actually push aside shameful thoughts. The book suggests that language is both expressive and repressive; it also provides new insights regarding the current debate concerning recovered memories and the ideological background to psychoanalysis.


  1. Wortham, Stanton (2001) “<Review of M. Billig (1999: 'Freudian Repression').>” Discourse Studies 3:2. pp. 253-255.