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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Rampton, Ben
Title: “Ritual and foreign language practices at school.”
Year: 2002
Publisher: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Pages: pp. 491-525
ISBN: 0047-4045
Publication type: Article in journal
In: Jane Hill, Language in Society 31:4
DOI: 10.1017/S0047404502314015
Language: English
Keyword(s): foreign language acquisition ; foreign language teaching ; ritual ; school
Subject — language(s): German
Annotation: On the basis of recorded German lessons in a multi-ethnic inner-London secondary school, this article distinguishes between German taught in the lessons and 'Deutsch' in students' micro-ritual improvisations, affirming the value of ritual in connecting both and providing an analytic framework applicable to institutional language learning and historical shifts in classroom experience.