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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Attardo, Salvatore
Title: “Humorous Texts: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis.”
Year: 2001
Publisher: Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter
Pages: 238
Publication type: Article in journal
DOI: 10.1515/9783110887969
Language: English
Keyword(s): genre ; humor ; joke ; pragmatics ; psycholinguistics
Annotation: Based on the General Theory of Verbal Humour and recent studies in psycholinguistics and cognitive science, this volume argues that in long texts, there are humorous mechanisms which do not possess counterparts in jokes.


  1. Chłopicki, Władysław (2003) “<Review of S. Attardo (2001: 'Humorous Texts: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis').>” Journal of Pragmatics 35:1. pp. 155-159.