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Publication details

Authors/Editors: Gagnon, Chantal
Title: “Language plurality as power struggle, or:: Translating politics in Canada.”
Year: 2006
Publisher: Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Pages: pp. 69-90
Publication type: Article in journal
In: Gideon Toury, Target 18:1
DOI: 10.1075/target.18.1.05gag
Language: English
Keyword(s): bilingualism ; language policy ; official language ; political speech ; translation
Subject — language(s): English, Canadian; French, Canadian
Annotation: For this paper, heterolingualism or language plurality will be considered as the presence in a single text or in a social environment of both French and English, Canada’s official languages. Language plurality will here be studied from an institutional viewpoint: the influence of the Canadian government on the translation of political speeches. The first part of this article will establish that political speeches are written in a bilingual environment where the two official languages are often in contact. This bilingualism, however, is often homogenised when it comes to speech delivery and publication. Therefore, the second part focuses on the speeches’ paratextual features and the third looks at the speeches’ textual features.