Criteria & coverage

1. Criteria for inclusion in the bibliography

Nature of the publications: The TSB abstracts and indexes scholarly publications with relevance to the field of T/I studies. The following categories of publications are included: journal articles, monographs, (articles from) collective volumes, reviews, reference materials, dissertations and unpublished manuscripts. The bibliography does not index translations or dictionaries, unless relevant to research in T/I studies.

Fields and disciplines: A topical map of the discipline has been set up for the purpose of this bibliography. In our working definition, Translation & Interpreting is considered as a broad field of transfer and mediation, containing aspects of intra- and interlingual translation, adaptation, interpreting, reformulation/rewording, localisation/multimedia translation, language mediation and terminology/documentation.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of T/I studies, we consider publications from other disciplines (such as semiotic studies, communication studies, linguistics, sociology, psychology, etc.) but only to the extent in which they are relevant and of interest to T/I studies.

The Content Manager decides on inclusion or exclusion in the database, where necessary after consultation with the Editorial Board.

Languages of publication / geographical areas: Although in principle there is no restriction on the language or the place of publication, we have to accept that some languages and geographical areas are more difficult to cover than others. We welcome more contacts to cover for instance Eastern European, South American and Asian literature within the scope of the bibliography.

Period: The TSB intends to have broad coverage of current literature. It was decided to start with the last decade and work backwards in time gradually, in addition to covering new publications.

2. Journals and book series covered


This is not an exhaustive list: relevant books and articles from other journals, series, or publishers are and will be included in the bibliography as well.

We welcome suggestions on other book series or journals that correspond to the criteria mentioned above; please contact the Content Manager with your suggestions. To suggest individual publications (books or articles) for inclusion, please see the section on submitting data elsewhere on this site.