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Ntshona, Mosula Sheila. 1999. Towards the development of an interpreting model for the health sector in South Africa. In Erasmus, Mabel, Lebohang Mathibela, Erik Hertog and Hugo Antonissen, eds. Liaison interpreting in the community. Pretoria: J. L. van Schaik. pp. 143–155.


The National Language Project, a non-governmental organisation, has concentrated on language development and policy, and on promotion of multilingualism and multiculturalism in primary schools. One of the actions of NLP is to promote community interpreting. The organisation tries to develop and implement a model for community interpreting for the health sector. This article gives a definition of community interpreting, sketches the context in which community interpreting is needed, goes deeper into the planning, the implementation and the evaluation phases of the model.
Source : K. Foelen