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Marais, Khethiwe. 1999. Community interpreting and the regulation of the translation and interpreting profession(s) in South Africa. In Erasmus, Mabel, Lebohang Mathibela, Erik Hertog and Hugo Antonissen, eds. Liaison interpreting in the community. Pretoria: J. L. van Schaik. pp. 303–310.
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This chapter refers to ‘community interpreting’ rather than ‘liaison interpreting’ as the former term is considered to be more user-friendly, accessible and specific. Community interpreting, like other forms of interpreting, is a professional service which should be rendered by professionally trained and accredited interpreters. But setting up standards and norms for translation and interpreting facilities and services inevitably involves addressing issues in training and accreditation systems. This article discusses some of the main elements involved in raising the awareness of both trainers and practitioners in translation and interpreting in general, and in community interpreting in particular, as well as about communication across cultures.
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