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Zarandona Fernández, Juan Miguel. 2006. #The Amadis of Gaul# (1803) and #The Chronicle of the Cid# (1808) by Robert Southey: the medieval history of Spain translated. In Bastin, Georges L. and Paul Fadio Bandia, eds. Charting the future of translation history (Perspectives on Translation). Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. pp. 309–332.
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The article deals with the history of travel writing and translation by British romantics fascinated by the Iberian Peninsula. The author in particular discusses Robert Southey's translations of "Amadis of Gaul" and #The Chronicle of the Cid#. Both of these translation had to do with the medieval history of Spain, and they were undertaken mainly to satisfy the exotic interests of British romantics following their newly found enthusiasm for Spain and Portugal during the last decades of the eighteenth century. [Source: A. Matthyssen]