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Pym, Anthony. 2011. Translation research terms: a tentative glossary for moments of perplexity and dispute. In Pym, Anthony, ed. Translation research projects 3. Tarragona: Intercultural Studies Group. pp. 75–112. URL
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The following is a list of terms with recommendations for their use in research on translation and interpreting. The list has been compiled on the basis of doubts that have arisen in discussions with students completing doctoral research within the Intercultural Studies Group at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. In some cases our notes merely alert researchers to some of the ambiguities and vagaries of fairly commonplace nomenclatures. In other cases, however, we have sought to standardize terms across research projects in a particular field (for example, translator training or risk analysis). For some particular terms we recommend abstinence, mostly because indiscriminate use has bereft the word of immediate specificity. In all cases, though, our basic plea is that researchers make their terms as clear and specific as possible, since the discipline of Translation Studies in currently unable to do that for them.
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