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Roche, Geneviève. 2001. Les traductions-relais en Allemagne au XVIIIième siècle: des lettres aux sciences [Relay translations in Germany in the 18th century: from letters to science] (De l'Allemagne). Paris: CNRS. 304 pp.
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This book on the use of French as a relay language for the translation of English texts into German consists of three major chapters. The first chapter deals with translation theories in France and Germany, discussing general principles of translation, 'les belles infidèles', faithfulness, the role of the audience and the translator, the German attitude towards French tranlation methods, etc. The second chapter examines the influence of French on German translations, mainly looking at the characteristics of French as a relay language and its sustained use throughhout the 18th century. Finally, the third chapter provides some rhetoric arguments for the prestige of French.
Source : P. Van Mulken

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