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Asimakoulas, Dimitris. 2006. Translation as a means of resistance: paratexts in translations of Brecht’s works during the Greek Junta (1967-1974). CTIS Occasional Papers 3 : 79–103.
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This paper places the published translations of Brecht’s works within the socio-political context of the Greek junta (1967-1974). After pre-publication censorship was lifted in 1969, a massive import of Brecht’s works occurred. Brecht was immediately incorporated in the newly established problem books tradition. The category entailed works of various genres addressing important social issues, which ultimately aimed at bringing the reader closer to modern thought, awakening Greek society and kindling the desire for democracy. The paper demonstrates that two influential publishers that launched Brecht’s works actively participated in this discursive practice. It concludes by showing that the paratextual elements of the books they launched were instantiations of the discursive motif of dark times, and as such, were mini-summaries of contemporaneous or already established trends of defiance against the regime in the publishing industry. [Source: abstract in journal]