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Calzada Pérez, María. 2007. Transitivity in translating: the interdependence of texture and context (Travaux Interdisciplinaires et Plurilingues en Langues Etrangères Appliquées 8). Bern: Peter Lang.
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Preface by Ian Mason.


This book proposes an overall framework of communication (including translation) that follows CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis)/CL (Critical Linguistics) principles; it devises an analytic tool for the study of transitivity in translation along Hallidayian-functionalist lines; and it incorporates a contrastive corpus of 52 speeches made before the European Parliament in English and Spanish on 9th March 1993 together with their corresponding translations. Both sentence and textual levels become units of analysis. Also, quantitative and qualitative methods are applied. The author analyses the various types of transitivity shifts at sentence level. She also shows that these shifts have contextual effects. Another focus of this study is to present how certain transitivity shifts group together.
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