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Koskinen, Kaisa and Outi Paloposki. 2003. Retranslations in the age of digital reproduction. Cadernos de Tradução 1 (11) : 19–38.
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In the present article, the authors continue their earlier discussion on retranslations, started at the EST (European Society for Translation Studies) 2001 Congress in Copenhagen (see Paloposki and Koskinen, forthcoming). This present article builds on the conclusions of the earlier one, which, in brief, are as follows: contrary to what the so called Retranslation Hypothesis claims, the textual profiles of translations are not determined simply by their chronological order of appearance, but respond to a number of different reasons and settings. In Section II, this point is further developed, giving an overview of the Retranslation Hypothesis, of the study of retranslations, and historical data examining some of the earlier ideas on retranslation. Retranslation is then approached from the present-day perspective, pointing out the relevance of retranslation and different modes of reproduction in the digital age of new technologies. [Based on abstract in journal]