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Hermans, Theo. 2007. The conference of the tongues. Manchester: St. Jerome. 190 pp.
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Also reviewed in: Jeremy Munday (2009). “Translation Studies”. #Years Work Critical and Cultural Theory# 17 (1): 148-163.


The Conference of the Tongues offers a series of reflections on fundamental questions of translation. It throws new light on familiar problems and opens up some radically different avenues of thought. It engages with value conflicts in translation and the social accountability of translators, and turns the old issue of equivalence inside out. Drawing on a wealth of contemporary and historical examples, the book teases out the translator's subject-position in translations, makes notions of intertextuality and irony serviceable for Translation Studies, tries to think translation without transformation, and uses a controversial sociological model to cast a cold eye on the entire world of translating.
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