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Berman, Antoine. 1995. Pour une critique des traductions: John Donne [Toward a critique of translation: John Donne]. Paris: Gallimard. 279 pp.
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This book wants to reflect both on the critique of translation, presented as a sub-genre of criticism, and on John Donne, the existing translations of his oeuvre and future, desirable re-translation. Translation criticism - in the sense of assessment - has existed since Antiquity. If translation criticism also means meticulous analysis of a translation, of its fundamental characteristics, of its source text, of the target culture, of the position of the translator, then translation critique has only just begun. If true translation criticism necessarily implies evaluation, then what should it be based on? Is there such a thing as a non-subjective, and especially non-dogmatic, consensual evaluative basis? Translation criticism serves the literary work itself, its survival and its readership. The author wants to show the meaning and necessity of translation criticism and takes Donne’s XIX elegy #Going to bed# as a starting point. [Source: L. Jans]

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