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Rütten, Anja. 2007. Informations- und Wissensmanagement im Konferenzdolmetschen [Information and knowledge management in conference interpreting] (Saarbrücker Beiträge zur Sprach- und Translationswissenschaft (SABEST) 15). Bern: Peter Lang. xiv + 247 pp.
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Information and knowledge are important for conference interpreters and a systematic and optimal access to these resources is essential. This book first situates the concepts of ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’ and their role in the context of conference interpreting. The role of terminology is also discussed. The workflow of information and knowledge work in conference interpreting is explained and the idea of ‘management’ as a means to achieve higher levels of efficiency is put forward. The book offers suggestions for individual improvement of information and knowledge work as well as ideas for a joined optimization. The book further presents a software model that can help the interpreter before, during and after a conference.
Source : A. Matthyssen