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Nida, Eugene Albert. 1964. Toward a science of translating: with special reference to principles and procedures involved in bible translating. Leiden: E. J. Brill. x + 331 pp.


The author presents theoretical observational insights about the different periods of translation. He discusses the basic conflicts in translation theory in general and in the translation of the Bible in particular. The intension of the author is to provide a book to assist translators in their work, by providing a book which is not only based on contemporary developments in the field of linguistics, anthropology and psychology, but also relates the specific area of Bible translation to the wider activity of translating in general. The illustrative data in this volume are drawn primarily from Biblical materials, as this type of translation has a long history and involves so many languages and covers so many cultural areas around the world. Examples are included from the field of experience of translators in America, Africa, Europe and Asia. [Source: W. Tesseur]

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